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Trackman technology

TrackMan Range is a golf-ball tracking solution that delivers unrivalled accuracy to help develop your game.

 No guesswork required, know your stats. Trackman Range is powered by the most sophisticated tracking technology to give you eight of the most essential ball data points delivering hard numbers and hard facts.

  1. Carry
  2. Total
  3. Ball Speed
  4. Height
  5. Launch Angle
  6. Side
  7. Launch Direction
  8. Distance from Pin

 Not just stats, Trackman also offers virtual golf simulation like no other. Allowing a wide range of different courses from around the world the Virtual Golf library lets your players try icons of the game like PGA National, Liberty National and Ryder-Cup host Valderrama not to mention our very own “Graduate Course” which we sadly lost in 2020 to the Poynton Relief Road  – the course now lives on virtually.

 Just for fun, Trackman also has a range of games that can be played making it fun for everyone. Try your hand at “Hit It!” or “Bullseye” and see if you can make it onto our monthly leaderboards.

Live Leaderboards

View our live Trackman Leaderboards below

Bullseye leaderboardhit it leaderboard

Follow the instructions below to use Trackman

Download the app

To get started download the free TrackMan Range app and follow the on screen instructions.

Click here to download the app on iOS

Click here to download the app on Android

Create your profile

At the bottom left of your device’s screen, there will be a ‘Profile’ icon. Press this part of your screen and sign up for an account, using your email address or Facebook account. This is a key step which will allow you to keep track of the data from all of your TrackMan Range sessions.


Once you have created an account with TrackMan, return to the Play section of the app. Choose the desired mode you would like to use, you will be asked to join the TrackMan Range WiFi. This is necessary as you will not be able to track your session unless you are connected to the system’s WiFi network.


To begin your practice session, select the mode you would like to use while practicing then simply select the club you are using from the CLUB menu located at the bottom of your screen.