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Golf Cards

Our Golf Cards offer huge discounts of up to 35% off our standard Driving Range & Green Fees. A great way to save money for you, your family & friends.

Simply determine the discount level you would like, we will then credit the amount onto an Adlington Golf Card giving you a balance to spend at our facility. Use this pre-paid card for your spending at Adlington Golf Centre and the discounted prices will be deducted from the balance on the card. Once you have spent the credit simply see the receptionists and re-top up the same card with the amount relevant to the discount level you would like. You can even top up and change your discount level at any time.

Terms & conditions apply.

Gift cards are also available of any amount.


10% off


20% off


25% off


30% off


FREE half hour use of the putting green per visit


35% off


FREE hot drink and FREE half hour use of the putting green per visit

Using our Golf Cards couldn’t be simpler

Simply purchase a Golf Card from the shop. The amount you choose will then be coded into the card.

Come along and use our Driving Range or Par 3 Courses and we will deduct the discounted value from the card.

If you’re in a rush…

You can even use the card in the ball dispenser to save you some time at the Driving Range. You can even use the undiscounted monetary value against items from the shop.

If you want to move up to the next level

You don’t have to wait to top up your card. Simply upgrade to the next level of discount and we’ll move any remaining credit over to the new card. Ask in the shop about our exciting new Diamond Level Card offering 35% discount when loaded with £500!